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Random Hyperactive Hummingbird

Art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward eternity

Hey! It's been a while since I open my journal, and never really bothered to write something more decent here so: I like to read fanfiction, I listen to podfics (my favorites are the Sherlock Holmes made by FayJay, and my absolute favorite is one called "It's not the Violin" by sam_storyteller. (Google it, you'll find it soon enough)

So Spanish is my first language so I'm sorry for any typo. I love english and understand it pretty well, but I guess I need day to day exercise of hearing and speaking it to master it properly. To achieve this I'd love to travel to Canada or the UK and go at it!
Also know a bit of french -though my last lesson was almost 3 years ago, so a bit rubbish now- and a bit of italian, a language force on me, if I wanted to graduate.

I'm a lawyer, absolutely love to draw -would have study art if my economical conditions would have allowed it- and love music. And I'm curious to know how's life in other countries, so If you're interested in that, I'm up for friendship! I'm good at listening in RL, so I'll be good at reading, if you feel like you need someone there to read